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Taco Night: A Gluten Free Fiesta

Posted by Anonymous on May 23rd, 2014 under General, Fiesta Tips

We’re all about going back to basics. That’s why we get excited when we hear gluten free. Authentic Mexican cuisine is all about simple whole foods: fresh vegetables, smoky jalapenos, and hearty whole-grain corn – all of which just so happen to be deliciously gluten free. Celebration is always better when everyone’s at the table, whether they’re gluten free or not, and Mexican food is all about inclusion.

Because Mexico’s staple crop is corn, gluten isn’t nearly as commonplace as it might be in, say, Italian food. That’s good news as more and more people are avoiding gluten, the gooey protein in wheat, barley, rye, and triticale. Gluten is essentially what gives bread its fluffy, chewy texture, and luckily when it comes to tortilla chips, crunchy – not chewy – is king.

Not only is corn tasty, each kernel is packed with whole grain nutrition, including fibre and protein. A-maize-ing, no? We see that as reason to celebrate for all the gluten free taco lovers out there, though those sweet cobs of corn might be less enthusiastic. And let’s not forget the rich variety of vegetables and legumes that go into crafting authentically Mexican meals. Of course, our minds go straight to salsa, smoky, sweet, spicy, and overflowing with tangy onions and tomatoes. We’ve even got a recipe or two up our sleeves.

If your focus is quality, balance, and variety – and we think it should be – healthy living on a gluten free diet isn’t so different, after all. Your kitchen might just need a Mexican inspired makeover. With flavorful corn as your staple, fresh organic vegetables and a little rice and beans round out your diet for a perfectly tasty breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Yes, we’ve been known to eat chips and salsa at all three meals, and who could blame us?

We support everyone’s right to snack. Whether you’re indulging in gourmet tacos or celebrating over garlic-y guacamole, the only one who’ll be left out is gluten. But don’t listen to us – let the deliciously gluten free fiesta convince you!