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6 Ways to Pumpkin-Up Your Party Platter

Posted by Anonymous on October 16th, 2015 under General, Fiesta Tips

Every day is a fiesta at Que Pasa, but our favourite fiesta of the fall is Halloween. So to make your Halloween gathering all that it can be, we found 6 ways to add in another of the season's best: pumpkins. 

Scroll below for 6 ways to pumpkin-up your party platter! 

1. Play double duty with mini pumpkins.

Cut the top off a few decorative mini pumpkins, scoop out the guts and serve your chips alongside your festive dips.


2. Orange you glad you brought a veggie platter?

Use a combination of orange veggies – orange and yellow pepper slices, carrot sticks and cubed cheese to craft a spooky pumpkin face into your platter.







3. Pumpkin-puree your dip.

Infuse some of the season’s harvest into your party fare. Try our Sweet Potato Dip! (Ok, not the same as pumpkin, but close enough.)


4. Put your best face forward.

Did you go conventional with a casserole or other ever-green party food like hummus? It’s not too late to pumpkin-up that party dish – just throw on some purple tortilla triangles and olives to pull a funny face.



5. Re-Up your Kids’ Carvings.

Once the kids are safely tucked in bed, repurpose their cute carved pumpkins into a chip or candy bowl. Just make sure you’ve got the right fit – or line with foil first.



6. Sweeten the deal.

Make the most of a good thing and serve pumpkin for every course. We love this pumpkin pudding recipe

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