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Red Corn Tortilla Chips

Stone-ground whole grain corn with a sprinkle sea salt. Why so sweet? These crimson tortilla chips get their color and signature flavour from sugar beet juice.
Stone ground corn*, canola* and/or sunflower* oil, red beet powder* (red beet juice concentrate*, maltodextrin*), sea salt, calcium hydroxide (hydrated lime). *Organic.

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August 3rd, 2014

This review was actually initiated because of my wife's request for me to purchase more of Que Pasa's Red Tortilla Chips. I had first purchased them while I was at Sprout's Market (a health food chain in California). Unfortunately, they are not there at this time--I hope that changes. Anyway, I noticed these "red" tortilla chips. Seeing "red" chips wasn't new--but what got my attention, as I picked up the bag and read the ingredients, was the use of beet juice. Since my wife had responded quite well to particular vegetable smoothies made with beets (she had been diagnosed with MS for over 25 years, and has successfully negotiated her symptoms through natural means) I thought this might be a chip she could readily eat and, hopefully, enjoy. Incredibly, she consumed almost the whole bag! After a little more research, we found that beets have high nitrate concentrations which are converted into nitrites by bacteria in the mouth. This, in turn, opens blood vessels and increases blood flow to areas of the body lacking oxygen, particularly, the brain (which is the primary organ of the central nervous system targeted by MS). I hope people who read this review won't think I'm simply going overboard and jumping to conclusions about this product. However, I hope it can be appreciated that after more than twenty years of marriage with a mate who has sustained a remarkable quality of life, along with a hyper-sensitivity to various foods (including corn chips) that she can no longer eat without major physiological consequences, it is quite gratifying to know that there is one product that we both can enjoy without worry!

Los Angeles, CA
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